Description (Show Beneficial Owner)

Show a Beneficial Owner. (GET)

End Point{{beneficial_owner_id}}


# Name Type Description
1 beneficial_owner_id String Beneficial Owner ID

Request Header

# Key Value Description
1 Authorization Bearer {{access_token}} Login Token


# Name Type Description


# Name Type Description
1 success Boolean Show Beneficial Owner Success or Fail
2 data Array Success or Fail Message
3 status Array Status code(optional)

Success Response - data

# Name Type Description
1 id String Id of the beneficial owner
2 company_id String Id of beneficial owner's company
3 user_id String Id of beneficial owner's user account
4 legal_name String Legal name of the beneficial owner
5 date_of_birth Date Date of birth of the beneficial owner (format: YYYY-mm-dd)
6 proof_of_identity String Proof of identity of the beneficial owner (HKID/Passport number)
7 nationality String Nationality of the beneficial owner
8 percentage_owned Float Percentage of benefit owned by the owner

Example Success Response

                "success": true,
                "data": {
                    "id": "6M7V578",
                    "company_id": "6M7V578",
                    "user_id": "",
                    "legal_name": "Xxxxx Xxxx",
                    "date_of_birth": "2018-01-01",
                    "proof_of_identity": "T123123(0)",
                    "percentage_owned": 25,
                    "nationality": "Hong Kong"

Example Error Response

                "success": false,
                "message": "Unauthenticated.",
                "status": 500

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