Description (Create Store)

Create a store which related with that company. (POST)

End Point{{company_id}}/stores


# Name Type Description
1 company_id String Company's ID

Request Header

# Key Value Description
1 Authorization Bearer {{access_token}} Login Token
1 Content-Type application/x-www-form-urlencoded x-www-form-urlencoded Format


# Name Type Description
1 name String Store's Name
2 phone String (Optional) Store's Phone
3 address String (Optional) Store's Address
4 logo Integer (Optional) Store's Logo


# Name Type Description
1 success Boolean Create Store Success or Fail
2 message String Success or Fail Message

Example Success Response

                "success": true,
                "message": "Create resource success"

Example Error Response

                "success": false,
                "message": "Unauthenticated.",
                "status": 500

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