Description (Create Operator)

Create operator of company. (POST)

End Point


# Name Type Description

Request Header

Request Header
# Key Value Description
1 Authorization Bearer {{access_token}} Login Token
2 Content-Type application/x-www-form-urlencoded x-www-form-urlencoded Format


# Name Type Description
1 email String User's Email (Required without phone)
2 phone String (Optional) User's phone number
3 first_name String (Optional) User's First Name
4 last_name String (Optional) User's Last Name
5 username String (Optional) Account's username
6 password String Account's password (at least 8 characters long, include a number, an uppercase letter and a lowercase letter)
7 store_id String Assign store to user
10 can_refund Boolean (Optional) Authorization of Refund (true|1 or false|0) (Not For SuperOwner)


# Name Type Description
1 success Boolean Update User's Information Success or Fail
2 data Array Include all Targeted User's Information (id, company_id, email, etc..)

Success Response - data

Success Response - data
# Name Type Description
1 id String Id of the User
2 company_id String Id of the Company
3 role String Role of the User
4 email String Email of the User
5 phone String Phone number of the User
6 username String Username of the User
7 first_name String First Name of the User
8 last_name String Last Name of the User
11 can_refund Boolean Authorization of Refund
12 disabled Boolean Authorization if Disabled
13 last_login_time String Last Login DateTime of user "YYYY-mm-dd h:i:s"
14 created_at String DateTime of user was created "YYYY-mm-dd h:i:s"
15 updated_at String Last modification DateTime of user "YYYY-mm-dd h:i:s"

Example Success Response

                "success": true,
                "data": {
                    "id": "JwoMPpKy",
                    "company_id": "JwoMPpKy",
                    "role": "operator",
                    "email": "",
                    "phone": "+852-12345678",
                    "username": "",
                    "first_name": "",
                    "last_name": "",
                    "can_refund": true,
                    "disabled": "",
                    "last_login_time": "",
                    "created_at": "2018-03-06 13:38:48",
                    "updated_at": "2018-03-08 14:09:58"

Error Response

Error Response
# Name Type Description
1 success Boolean False
2 message String Message of the Error
3 errors Array Error Information
4 status Integer HTTP Status Codes

Error Response - errors

Error Response - errors
# Name Type Description
1 code Integer HTTP Status Codes
2 field String Field of Error
3 message String Message of the Error

Example Error Response

                "success": false,
                "message": "Could not create resource",
                "errors": [
                        "code": 422,
                        "field": "email",
                        "message": "The email must be a valid email address."
                "status": 422

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