Description (Show Certificate of Incorporation)

Show CI of the selected company. (GET)

End Point{{company_id}}/certificate-of-incorporation


# Name Type Description
1 company_id String Company's ID

Request Header

# Key Value Description
1 Authorization Bearer {{access_token}} Login Token


# Name Type Description


# Name Type Description
1 success Boolean Show Targeted CI's Information Success or Fail
2 data Array Include Targeted CI's Information (id, file_id, ci_number etc..)

Success Response - data

# Name Type Description
1 id String ID of the CI
2 file_id String ID of the CI file
3 company_id String ID of the company related to the CI
4 company_name String Company name displayed in the CI
5 ci_number String Number of the CI
6 date_of_establishment String CI's date of establishment (format: YYYY-MM-DD)
7 updated_at String Datetime the CI last updated (format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss)

Example Success Response

                "success": true,
                "data": {
                    "id": "M49E60Z7MQRK17G5DN",
                    "file_id": "7VEXG3O8G05OY4PD0N",
                    "company_id": "VJ9310KL6Y1Z4LM26Y",
                    "company_name": "xxxxxxx",
                    "ci_number": "34913359",
                    "date_of_establishment": 2020-04-01,
                    "updated_at": 2020-04-01 06:20:34

Example Error Response

                "success": false,
                "message": "Unauthenticated.",
                "status": 500

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